Caitlin Willington (2013)

Since her college years, Caitlin Willington (2013) enjoyed the challenge of being one of the few girls in Science and Technology classes typically dominated by boys. Now Caitlin has advanced in her tech career and helped change the narrative surrounding women in technology. She is also volunteering with UN Women’s mission in Australia.


What is your fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?

I really cherish my memories of the extra-curricular activities that were offered at Daramalan. I have such fond memories of participating in things like choir, plays, musicals, Rock Eisteddfod and Dance Fest. I am grateful for wonderful teachers like Ms Dunn, who put so much care into her students and created many opportunities for us.


Who was your favourite Teacher?

One of the Tea

chers who impacted me most significantly was Ms Wallden, my Year 12 English Teacher. Ms Walden completely changed my view on education and learning as she made learning so fun, engaging and enriching. I went from a student who looked at education as something I was obligated to do, to something I wanted to actively participate in.


What are you doing now (career-wise)?

I am a Software Engineer working at one of Australia’s “Tech Unicorns”, Culture Amp. Outside of work, I volunteer with UN Women as a co-chair for the Canberra chapter; we support UN Women’s mission in Australia to support women in the Asia-Pacific region and run events and programs to connect with local Canberran women. Check out our Instagram (@unwa_canberra) to see what we get up to!


What are you most proud of in your life?

I am most proud of my work with UN Women. It is incredibly fulfilling to see your actions resulting in a measurable difference made in the world. Most recently, we ran a sold-out event raising money for the Ukraine crisis.


What is your advice for current students?

It may be cliche, but don’t be afraid of failure. A stranger once said something to me that really changed my life. I was taking a beginner snowboarding lesson and getting frustrated that I kept falling over. I asked someone how they were getting so good so fast, and they said “I have been purposely getting up with the intention of falling down. The more I fall, the closer I will be to succeeding”. This kind of blew my mind, and I’m still thinking about it nearly 10 years later. As someone who struggles with perfectionism, I can often avoid trying new things because of fear of failure. But failing is just the first, and necessary step to success. I try to keep this in mind when trying new things or taking chances on new opportunities. There are many things I wouldn’t have even tried without this advice.


Which talent would you most like to have?

I would love to have a photographic memory!


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