2024 Grandparents Day

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On Monday 24 June, Daramalan College celebrated Grandparents Day—a special occasion that honours family heritage and strengthens community bonds. Having several Daramalan College Alumni among the grandparents made the day even more meaningful! For some families, it marked the third generation of Daramalan students. In fact, for a few families, Grandparents Day has become an almost annual tradition, with numerous grandchildren following in their footsteps decades later.

Helen Tozer, Helen and Ron Dempsey, Ian Tozer, and Emma Tozer, Year 7
Deborah Kelsey, David Kelsey(1974) and Lewis Kelsey, Year 7
Mark Dawes(1969), Kay Dawes and Matilda Dawes, Year 7
Lenore Butler, Paul Brown(1972), Sue Brown and Evelynn Butler, Year 7
Lorraine Kimpton, Brendan McGee(1972), Julie McGee and Patrick Kimpton, Year 7
Michael Phillips(1970) and Jimmy Phillips, Year 7