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Amy Thomas, nee Smith (2005)

RE and Sociology Teacher 

Ms Thomas started at Daramalan in 2011 teaching RE and took over the RE Coordinator (REC) role in 2021. Over the years, she has also taught English, Media and Sociology and is currently teaching Senior RE and Sociology classes. Discover more about Ms Thomas below: 

Who was your favourite Teacher?  

I definitely can’t settle on just one! I have great memories of so many Teachers, but Mr Mick Flynn, Mrs Tracey Lee, Ms Veronica Poole, Mr Gavin Page and Sister Mary Hamilton were some stand outs and a big reason why I wanted to return to Daramalan to teach. Sister Mary did, in fact, tell me to come back and replace her as REC, so it was pretty special when I moved into that role.  

What is the fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?       

My involvement with the Daramalan Theatre Company and working alongside Lucy Cronan and Annette Brady on productions like 13!, The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland have been some of my most favourite times. From weekend rehearsals to intensives, camp and production week, working with such an awesome bunch of staff and students and seeing it all come to fruition has always been really special. In the classroom, however, my Year 12 Sociology class of 2021 will forever be hard to beat. 

What are you most proud of in your life?  

It’s so cliché, but definitely my family. Our three girls were born pretty close together, and it’s been a big few years juggling home life and work and even running a couple of businesses on the side. Hopefully, I’ll say the same when they’re all teenagers, hahaha. 

If you weren’t a Teacher, what would you be doing? 

Definitely something creative with no marking! Haha, I’d be very happy doing graphic design, photography or interior design for display homes, immersing myself in tiles, carpet, paint swatches, furniture, decor and more! Ahhhh bliss! 

How do you spend your time away from school? 

Hanging out with my husband and three young girls, keeping them alive and entertained mostly. I love clearing my head with a run, watching movies and bingeing episodes of Seinfeld for the 241st time- not that there’s anything wrong with that… 

What is your secret talent that not many know about?  

I was a pretty good ball kid on the tennis court back in the day.