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Kavita Jogia (2014) 

HASS and Psychology Teacher 

Ms Jogia is a new addition to the Daramalan College teaching team. Between her Daramalan years, she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and International Relations at ANU, followed by a Masters of Secondary Teaching with specialisations in HASS and Languages at UC. Ms Jogia is currently a Psychology and HASS Teacher at Daramalan College and has a Year 7 pastoral group.  

Who was your favourite teacher?  

I have an incredibly long list of favourites! My College Teachers were particularly influential and inspirational; they include Toni Heferen (Psychology), Carlie Dwyer (Sociology), Amy Thomas (Religion) and Lindsay Reid (Legal Studies). I also had some amazing High School Teachers who made moving to Daramalan smoother: they include Jo Ward (English and House Coordinator), Jo Howard (PCA), and Bobbi Dawson (French).  

Are you staying connected to the Daramalan community outside of your classes? 

I consider some of the people I met at Daramalan to be my best friends. In fact, three of us are about to be bridesmaids for our fourth friend’s wedding! 

What is your advice for current and former students?   

Don’t feel pressured to know what you want to do straight out of school, there will be plenty of opportunities to try different jobs and pursue passions outside of school, and it might take a few different tries until you find the one that fits. While you are at school, make the most of every learning moment and soak it all up, including all the extra-curricular opportunities that interest you as you might meet some amazing people through these clubs and sports. 

Which talent would you most like to have?      

To speak all the languages in the world!