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Will Unwin (2013) 

Science and Chemistry Teacher 

Mr Unwin started at Daramalan Semester 2 of 2019, straight out of university and is currently teaching Year 7 and Year 10 Science and Year 11 Chemistry. Find out what is Mr Unwin’s wishful talent and what is his “catchphrase” below. 

How did Daramalan College influence your life?  

The emphasis on pastoral care while I was a student taught me to look beyond the person standing in front of you and see them for everything that they are. The yearly themes of respect, faith, justice, hospitality, compassion and forgiveness the school promotes resonate with me as good guides for how to live life and treat others. I stay connected with a close group of friends from my time at Daramalan. I catch up with them when they are in town and see them on weekends from time to time. 

What is your advice for current and former students? 

I would encourage all former students to reflect on the values that the school tries to instil into the students of respect, faith, justice, compassion, hospitality and forgiveness, and ways that they can show these to people and their environment. Current students, I would say to not take for granted the opportunities that are presented to you on a regular basis; get involved in school activities and find something you are passionate about! 

Which talent would you most like to have? 

I would love to have a good singing voice! When I’m in a good mood or make reference to a song while teaching, sometimes I’ll sing a bit of the song. The students say my voice is good, but I know they’re just being nice! 

Do you have something you are known for by the students? 

I have a ‘catchphrase’ I often say in class when referring to something exciting in science. I’ll say, “And I think that’s pretty cool!” and tell the students how exciting science is! I even have a collection of stamps with my saying on them that I’ll give to the students when they do good work in class. Often they’ll compare and build up a collection of the stamps throughout the year… and I think, that’s pretty cool!