Alison Ware, nee Rayner (1981) provides comfort to patients through music

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Alison Ware, nee Rayner (1981), Creative Arts Therapist and a Certified Clinical Musician of the Therapeutic Harp Program, provides comfort to patients across hospitals and medical centres in the Canberra region.

The program is entirely patient-centred, with music specifically tailored to individual requirements and chosen to support their health and well-being by providing a quiet space for rest reflection and to facilitate sleep.

Last year alone, Alison visited 386 patients by their bedsides, directed around 130 sessions in wards and common spaces, provided comfort care and end-of-life vigils to 68 individuals and performed across the Canberra Hospital, Centenary Hospital for Women, Youth and Children, Canberra Region Cancer Centre, North Canberra Hospital, University of Canberra Hospital, Clare Holland House and other Canberra Health Services facilities across the region.

Source: @Canberra Notice Board Group