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Ben McGee (2003)

Religious Education Teacher, Pastoral Care Advisor and Rugby 1st XV Coach

Try to find a family with a tighter connection to Daramalan College than the McGees! With three generations of past and current students, it is not surprising that Ben McGee (2003) decided to continue his teaching career at Daramalan College when he started his position as an RE Teacher in 2013. Now, Mr McGee is also a Pastoral Care Advisor, Rugby Coach and all-sports aficionado.

What is the fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?     

As a student, having the opportunity to play many sports and represent the school. And as a Teacher, being able to help out students and give them the same educational opportunities I had and the support I received.

Who was your favourite Teacher? 

I couldn’t give you one: Steve Pickett and Mike Brady for PE, Frank Djusic and Ted Tonkin for Food Tech, Mick Pover for Maths, Steve Ellis for History and the Original Legend and my first TA Teacher Dale Seaman. I was lucky to have plenty of good teachers during my time.

Are you staying connected to the Daramalan community outside of your classes?  

I was lucky to be in a very good group of students above and below and had a wonderful time in the years after school. I still am connected to plenty of people I went to school with. I talk to Jazza and Smitty (Brendon Jakobasic and Josh Smith) most weeks, and our kids play together often.

I was lucky enough to move from school to the Gungahlin Eagles, where many of my school friends played Rugby post-school, and a few still do 😊 (Matt Hawke).

What are you most proud of in your life?    

My wife and kids. I married the most beautiful and wonderful woman, and we were blessed with two gorgeous kids, Poppy and Sonny McGee.

What is your advice for current and former students? 

Enjoy the ride, never say no to an adventure and live life however you want to, not how people expect you to.


What is your idea of perfect happiness?  

Happy wife, happy life.

What is your favourite sports team?

Favourite Rugby team is Ireland (Go Mac).

What is your secret talent that not many know about?

I can catch beach worms with my bare hands.