DTC Short Film Festival

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Last Friday, a number of Daramalan College Alumni attended Daramalan Theatre Company’s Short Films Festival, a featured presentation within the DTC Festival of Performance.

The Old Chapel Studio was converted into a cinema space and foyer for the occasion. An eclectic program of short movies provided a wonderful night of sharing in the movie-making adventure.

The movies were:

“The Final Frame” by Andrew Scarano

• “The Krewd Party” by MC KREWD, produced and directed by Alice Taylor

• “The Wrong Wraith” by Isabella Miller

• “Gambler” by Andrew Scarano

• “Another Story” written by Irena Reedy and Ashlyn Pearce and directed by Ashlyn Pearce.

After the screening, the atmosphere was filled with joy and nostalgia as people stayed on to reconnect with former colleagues and friends. This was not just a successful movie presentation, but also a heartwarming reunion for all.

Thank you very much, Maestro Joe Woodward, DTC Team and Ms Angela Dunn, for your hard work and dedication!