Therese Crowe, nee Baz (1983), lives an inspiring life of preserving heritage while fostering creativity and community engagement. Therese and her husband Mark revived the original 1880s Police Barracks in Murringo village to create an art studio, gallery and guest accommodation.   

How did Daramalan College influence your life, and who were your favourite teachers?    

I made lifetime friends at Daramalan, and my favourite teachers were Mrs Hinder from Arts and my English teacher, Mrs Clarke  


What are you doing now? Please tell us more about your historic building renovation project, art gallery and guest house, and your own creativity. 

My husband and I bought Murringo Barracks in November 2020 during Covid-19. Murringo Barracks is an old police barrack built of bluestone in the 1880s in the tiny village of Murringo, 120km northwest of Canberra, in the Hilltops Region of NSW.  

When we first visited Murringo Barracks, it was love at first sight. We could definitely see its potential, as the structure was very solid, but everything needed to be tidied and freshened up. I mean everything: the building, the outbuildings (stables and sheds), the garden, and the paddocks. 

It took us two full years to renovate. We would get up every morning and “go to work” painting, fixing, cleaning and gardening. We had previously renovated several houses, but this was on a different level. I think it has cured me of renovating anything else for quite a while. But it was worth it. 

We now run a B&B and art gallery and it’s fun to be able to share Murringo Barracks with others. I have always liked painting pictures and the idea of having my own gallery is a dream come true. On weekends, when the gallery is open, we open up the stables and let people wander around to enjoy the buildings and grounds. 

Mark and I also have a small farm where we raise merino sheep for wool and fat lambs.  

What do you think is your most significant career and life achievement?     

When I finished school, I trained as a registered nurse at Prince of Wales/Prince Henry Hospitals in Sydney. I travelled overseas (backpacked around Europe, UK and USA) and then settled in Boorowa where I worked as a nurse in Young in palliative care and aged care, and at Boorowa District Hospital in emergency, medical and aged care. 

However, my greatest and most rewarding achievement is undoubtedly raising our three daughters. I have always had the mindset to do things really well or not at all. Motherhood was the same for me. I wanted to love, encourage and educate our children to give them the best possible start in life. This didn’t mean showering them with material things but instead helping them to learn the skills that they would need to get through life. They all worked to support themselves through university and now they are all professionals. A Physiotherapist, Doctor (rural GP specialist) and an Occupational Therapist. I am a proud mum, but really, all credit goes to them. 


What is your advice for current students?  

Don’t worry if you don’t have a life plan or goal. Work hard and do your absolute best. Every day is a learning experience, and the sum of that experience is what shapes you as a person. Life isn’t always great. It can be dull, boring, challenging, difficult but good things will always come out of dedication and hard work. I have learned that life is full of chapters. Don’t despair if life isn’t great at the moment. It will change. When it is great, take the time to enjoy it and be grateful. 


What is your idea of perfect happiness?       

Oh, I’m living it now! Every day, I am so grateful to live in a country without conflict or famine. We have so many comforts, and I am surrounded by nature, big skies and fresh air. I am healthy, and I can spend my days painting pictures. Life’s good. It hasn’t always been this good. We have been through a lot of challenges, financial and health (physical and mental). I guess that’s why I can appreciate this chapter of my life so much. 


Which talent would you most like to have?        

I don’t yearn to be anything but me. I’m pretty useless at lots of things, but I’m happy with that. I just focus on the things I’m good at. 

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