Alumni Stories

Lauren Boden (2006)

Lauren Boden (2006) can surely be proud of her many on and off the track achievements. After all, it’s not every day that a student receives a message of “Good Luck” at a special whole school assembly! 

Read about Lauren’s memories of Daramalan College and the Olympic Games, her sports highlights and her present career. 

Michael Laffan (1987)

Would you like to read an Alumni story written by an award-winning writer who speaks Arabic, has a PhD in Southeast Asian History and teaches at Princeton? Introducing our 1987 Daramalan College graduate Michael Laffan. With such a background he is someone we could literally call unique!

Tom Ross (2016)

We are pleased to share the much-anticipated profile of Daramalan College Rugby Star Thomas Ross (2016)! The Ross family is another family closely related to the school (as I’m sure many of you know). Find out what Thomas is doing now, what his most cherished achievement is, and what special pre-game rituals make him such a great Rugby player! 

Fr Kimi

In 2018, Chaplain Fr. Kimi commenced his role at Daramalan College, and over the course of the past six years, he has left an indelible mark on numerous students and staff, who remain forever appreciative.

You will be missed, Fr Kimi!

Ms Tracey Lee

Miss Tracey Lee is a former Daramalan College teacher so much loved and respected by not just her students but colleagues as well. After 40 years of teaching experience, (1987-1988 and 1998-2014 at Daramalan), she changed her career and wrote three successful books. And guess what? One of her fictional characters is named after another legendary Daramalan teacher!

Cynthia Turnbull (2014)

Cynthia Turnbull is another Daramalan College student who chose a challenging but very fulfilling pathway; she is studying Immunology and Genetics. Please learn more about Cynthia’s very important job and the Teachers that encouraged her to pursue a career in Science.     

Jessica Heaton née George (2002)

Ms. Heaton is not only a favourite teacher of many students, current and past, but also a Food Scientist. She started her Food Technology and Hospitality Teacher position at Daramalan College in 2009 after completing her internship here as well.

Kavita Jogia (2014)

Ms Jogia is this year’s addition to Daramalan College Teaching team. Between her Daramalan years, she completed Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and International Relations at ANU, followed by Masters of Secondary Teaching with specialisations in HASS and Languages at UC. Ms Jogia is currently a Psychology and HASS Teacher at Daramalan College and has a Year 7 pastoral group. 

Will Unwin (2013)

Mr Unwin started semester 2 of 2019 straight out of university and is currently teaching Year 7 and Year 10 Science and Year 11 Chemistry. Find out what is Mr. Unwin’s hidden talent and what is his “catchphrase” below.

Andrew Digan (1986)

For many generations of students, imagining Daramalan College without Mr Digan (1986) is impossible. Probably not many of you know, however, that Mr Digan has two Bachelor’s Degrees in Administration and Education, tried himself as a soccer coach, primary school teacher, worked at the Department of Immigration, Australia Post and even a Mexican Restaurant before returning to Daramalan College as RE teacher in 2008.

Amy Thomas née Smith (2005)

Ms.Thomas started at Daramalan in 2011, teaching RE and took over the REC role in 2021. Over the years, she has also taught English, Media and Sociology and is currently teaching senior RE and Sociology classes, but did you know that she is also a wonderfully multi-talented person?

Ben McGee (2003)

Try to find a family with a tighter connection to Daramalan College than the McGees! With three generations of past and current students, it is not surprising that Ben McGee (2003) decided to continue his teaching career at Daramalan College when he started his position as an RE Teacher in 2013. Now, Mr McGee is also a Pastoral Care Advisor, Rugby Coach and all-sports aficionado. 

Sam Brotchie (2015)

Sam studied not just one language but two: German and Russian. He is also teaching English to speakers of other languages. Sam believes that learning German at Daramalan was the heart of his love of languages.

Therese Crowe, nee Baz (1983)

Therese Crowe, nee Baz (1983), lives an inspiring life of preserving heritage while fostering creativity and community engagement. Therese and her husband Mark revived the original 1880s Police Barracks in Murringo village to create an art studio, gallery and guest accommodation.  

Mr David James

Mr James started at Daramalan in 1993 as a Teacher of Computer Programming and Physics. Over the years he has been the Subject Assistant Coordinator for Information Technology, the Subject Coordinator for Business Studies and currently the Operations and Data Administrator for the College while continuing to teach Programming.    

Caitlin Willington (2013)

Since her college years, Caitlin enjoyed the challenge of being one of the few girls in Science and Technology classes typically dominated by boys. Now Caitlin has advanced in her tech career and helped change the narrative surrounding women in technology. She is also volunteering with UN Women’s mission in Australia.              

Fr Kimi

In 2018, Chaplain Fr. Kimi commenced his role at Daramalan College, and over the course of the past six years, he has left an indelible mark on numerous students and staff, who remain forever appreciative.

You will be missed, Fr Kimi!

ANZAC Day Special

Daramalan College is extremely proud of all Alumni who have chosen to serve our country in the Armed Forces in times of both peace and conflict. 
Here are some of their stories:

Jamie McGahey (1998)

Jamie McGahey graduated from Daramalan College in 1998. Thanks to his favourite teachers, he built up a career as a chef but eventually switched to his other passion, dog training. 

Nathan Price (1998)

Nathan Price graduated from Daramalan College in 1998 and became a very successful Tennis Coach who works with top junior players in Australia.

Carolyn Cho (1988)

Carolyn Cho, who graduated from Daramalan College in 1988, is now a remarkable surgeon who is helping women in Australia to fight against breast cancer. 

Adrienne Day (1978)

Adrienne, who is now Chair of the Board of Daramalan College, was part of the first cohort of girls to attend Daramalan in 1977-1978. 

Melissa Fawke (2016)

Melissa studied French and Japanese languages at Daramalan College, fell in love with both, and is now working as a French Teacher.                  

Lani Di Petta (2022)

Lani Di Petta was a Daramalan College Captain during the 60th Anniversary last year and is a very new Alumni; she graduated from Daramalan College in 2022. 

Abbey Jamieson (2012)

Abbey Jamieson graduated from Daramalan College in 2012 and is now a Canberra-based amazing Ceramic Artist and Art Educator

Martine Broughton (1992)

Martine attended Daramalan College just when it started to be fully co-educational. Now Martine is a successful Psychologist, Radio Presenter and cancer survivor. 

Jack Curry (2018)

Jack is a 2018 Daramalan College graduate who chose Performing Arts as his life pathway, not without Daramalan Theatre Company’s influence. 

Tim Willington (2016)

Tim picked German as a foreign language at Daramalan College and now Tim is paying tribute to his favourite teacher and discussing the importance of speaking foreign languages.

Liam Aitken (2022)

Recent Daramalan graduate, Liam Aitken, only started his studies of Japanese language in Year 9, however it didn’t stop him from going to the ANU and pursuing his career in Languages.

Scott Gledhill (1989)

Scott Gledhill is growing grapes on a text-book-perfect site in Murrumbateman and creating 100% local wines. Scott believes his years at Daramalan College gave him a wide range of skills that help him now.

Pippin Carroll (2016)

Pippin Carrol helped Daramalan Theatre Company with the production of their recent performance, “The Gift of Story”, despite living 3000 km away! Please read more about Pip’s challenges with the show, his favourite teachers and the things he is most proud of.

Rachel Murdock (2012)

Rachel studied German at Daramalan College and now Rachel is a successful civil engineer working for a design consultancy and she believes her knowledge of German helped her in her career.

Irena Reedy (2013)

Irena Reedy is not a stranger to Daramalan College, even though she graduated more than ten years ago and lives on the other side of the world. Irena is pursuing her acting career in Hollywood and gives full credit to the Daramalan Theatre Company (DTC) for supporting her dream, pestering her talent, and giving her direction in life.

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