DTC Short Film Festival

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Last Friday, a number of Daramalan College Alumni attended Daramalan Theatre Company’s Short Films Festival, a featured presentation within the DTC Festival of Performance.

The Old Chapel Studio was converted into a cinema space and foyer for the occasion. An eclectic program of short movies provided a wonderful night of sharing in the movie-making adventure.

The movies were:

“The Final Frame” by Andrew Scarano

• “The Krewd Party” by MC KREWD, produced and directed by Alice Taylor

• “The Wrong Wraith” by Isabella Miller

• “Gambler” by Andrew Scarano

• “Another Story” written by Irena Reedy and Ashlyn Pearce and directed by Ashlyn Pearce.

After the screening, the atmosphere was filled with joy and nostalgia as people stayed on to reconnect with former colleagues and friends. This was not just a successful movie presentation, but also a heartwarming reunion for all.

Thank you very much, Maestro Joe Woodward, DTC Team and Ms Angela Dunn, for your hard work and dedication!

Daramalan College Community Trivia Night

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What a great night! Our recent Trivia Fundraiser was more than just a fun event—it was a celebration of our alumni community.  

Last Friday, over 100 people came together to make this evening a success: local businesses, former students, parents, staff and volunteers. This night would not be possible without all your support. 

A special thank you to our BRILLIANT MC Mr Ben McGee (2003) who was without doubt the star of the night, making it fun for every participant. Team “The Alliterators”, from our English Department, won first prize while at the other end a wooden spoon was presented, painted by our Visual Arts teacher Mr John Vukovic, to the team that earned it. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who either participated, donated, played games or bought an auction item to support us. Together we were able to raise more than $2600 for the Daramalan College Scholarship Fund which provides financial assistance to eligible families whose situation might otherwise exclude them from giving their child an MSC education.  

The Daramalan College Scholarship Fund, established in 2013, aims to offer scholarships to several students each year with the long-term goal of supporting scholarship recipients through a self-sustaining fund. Events like this help us to keep the momentum going as we continue to nurture our school community. 

Thank you once again, to everyone, for making our trivia night a success!  

Daramalan College Community Trivia Sponsors

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A heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors for making the Daramalan College Community Trivia Fundraiser a resounding success! 

Your generosity creates an invaluable feeling of community support and is the key to our fun and engaging evening. We are immensely grateful for your contribution.

Festival of Performance

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Daramalan Theatre Company is presenting a Festival of Performance with nine one-act plays and an evening of short films. With works by Eugene Ionesco, Edward Albee and Anton Chekhov, plus works by Daramalan College students, Alumni and staff, an incredible time is guaranteed!

Kasey Saunderson (2022) baked baked Jules Chevalier’s 200th birthday’s cupcakes

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Our former student Kasey Saunderson (2022) baked and decorated delicious cupcakes for Daramalan College staff to celebrate Jules Chevalier’s 200th birthday anniversary.

Emma Mackenzie, nee Saunders (1999), founded a kids-focused haircare brand, Mimi

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Did you know that one of Daramalan Alumna’s products can be found in 530 Chemist Warehouse stores all over Australia?

Emma Mackenzie, nee Saunders (1999), chose a challenging but rewarding endeavour. She is the founder of a kids-focused haircare brand, Mimi, and this year she is celebrating her products rolling onto the shelves of Chemist Warehouse after finding a solution to the battle many parents face when looking after their kids’ hair.

Now you can support your fellow Daramalan while “taming that mane” with Emma’s creative products.


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Daramalan College hosted a Vinnies Night Patrol training session again for those interested in helping our volunteer team on select Sunday and Tuesday evenings. The training session was hold on Thursday, March 7, at 3:45pm in the FLA.

If you are interested to help, you can choose from a range of evenings to volunteer with us over the next six months. Volunteers need to be at least 17 years of age and hold a current WwVP card. You need to have completed the training session in person or be willing to complete the training modules online prior to heading out with the van.

Please direct message or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Lauren Boden has turned her hand to bobsled

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Picture by Gary Ramage

Hooray! Lauren Boden last hurdle is not over yet!

After announcing retirement from her Olympic hurdling career two years ago, Lauren Boden (2006) turned her hand to bobsled. She teamed up with another Canberra sprinter Sarah Blizzard to compete. Previously, only two Australian athletes have competed in the Summer and Winter Olympics. Good luck to these two outstanding athletes!

Alison Ware, nee Rayner (1981) provides comfort to patients through music

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Alison Ware, nee Rayner (1981), Creative Arts Therapist and a Certified Clinical Musician of the Therapeutic Harp Program, provides comfort to patients across hospitals and medical centres in the Canberra region.

The program is entirely patient-centred, with music specifically tailored to individual requirements and chosen to support their health and well-being by providing a quiet space for rest reflection and to facilitate sleep.

Last year alone, Alison visited 386 patients by their bedsides, directed around 130 sessions in wards and common spaces, provided comfort care and end-of-life vigils to 68 individuals and performed across the Canberra Hospital, Centenary Hospital for Women, Youth and Children, Canberra Region Cancer Centre, North Canberra Hospital, University of Canberra Hospital, Clare Holland House and other Canberra Health Services facilities across the region.

Source: @Canberra Notice Board Group

Dr Vanessa Pirotta (2006) hosted the 2023 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science at Parliament House

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Award-winning wildlife scientist and 2006 Daramalan College Alumna, Dr Vanessa Pirotta, hosted the 2023 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science at Parliament House. Guests from across the Australian science, research, technology and education community attended the presentation dinner and Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia and the Hon Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science announced the recipients.

Become a Dara Rugby Sponsor

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Want to be part of a club focused on community, development and opportunity?

Become a sponsor in 2024 🦅

Packages to suit all sponsors

Contact: [email protected]


Lorina Gore (1994) who is performing in Australian Opera 

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Congratulations to amazing Lorina Gore (1994) who is performing one of the Rhinemaidens in Australian Opera production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle currently happening in Brisbane. Incredible talent! 

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Fr Kimi

In 2018, Chaplain Fr. Kimi commenced his role at Daramalan College, and over the course of the past six years, he has left an indelible mark on numerous students and staff, who remain forever appreciative.

You will be missed, Fr Kimi!

Why did you choose the MSC?  

I only considered becoming a MSC/priest when I was about twenty-five. My decision was inspired by the example of two MSC priests and an MSC brother that I got to know. I was drawn to the simplicity by which they lived and the impact their lives had. Yes, like anyone, they faced a few challenges and disappointments, but they were passionate and had no regrets about their life path. They were ordinary, down-to-earth people trying to make a difference through the way they chose to live. The time I got to know them coincided with a phase in my life where I was thinking about the future. I knew something had to change in my life if I was to find fulfilment beyond money and materialistic things (my greatest motivators at the time). I have no regrets about my decision to become an MSC. In fact, I have learnt more about myself through what I do. 

Why MSC? I grew up in an MSC parish in Fiji. Liked what I saw. Joined them. 

What is your advice for current students?    

Always have one or two people in your life you can talk to about anything. Friends you trust, who care for and support you, but also love you and are honest enough to tell you what you need to hear. 


What is your idea of perfect happiness?    

It’s the simple things like waking up after a great night’s sleep. Very rarely happens but when it does, absolute bliss! 

Which talent would you most like to have?    

The ability to pick up any musical instrument and play it.   

Who is your favourite hero of fiction or movie?  

Charles Xavier/Professor X 

Jamie McGahey (1998)

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Jamie McGahey (1998)

Jamie McGahey graduated from Daramalan College in 1998. Thanks to his favourite teachers, he built up a career as a chef but eventually switched to his other passion, dog training. 

How did Daramalan College influence your life?     

Daramalan influenced my early life with my Rugby career and getting into Food Technology and Hospitality with Mr Cuzner and Frank Djusic. And not being the academic type, I had a love of food. 

Who were your favourite teachers?   

Mr Cuzner and Frank Djusic, along with Dave Garrity in PE. 

What are your fondest memories of your time at Daramalan?   

My fondest memories of Daramalan are playing Eddie’s and Marist on the weekends, seeing brother Dave, his love of the place, and his community involvement. 

What are you doing now, or what did you do before?     

I’ve been a chef for nearly 30 years, working in Canberra and around Australia, from hatted venues to cafes. I’m now following my other passion for dog training both here in the ACT and on the South Coast. 

Helping dogs in all kinds of situations and helping people is very rewarding, emotional, and fun. I help dogs get certified as therapy animals. 

What do you think is your most significant career and life achievement?     

My most significant moments are running the centenary of Canberra event for 5500 people on 3km of table in 5 hours. 

What is your advice for current students?     

Be accountable for your actions; it will make the world a better place. 

Embrace your mistakes like wins. 

Find the lesson in everything you do.  


What is your favourite dog breed?  

I’m very partial to working dog breeds. I specialise in rehoming and helping ex or unwanted workers transition to suburban life. 

Which talent would you most like to have?     

The talent I’d most like to have would be a mind reader.  

On the photo Jamie is with his business partner Bacon, the “failed working dog “, who now helps dogs with dog reactivity. 

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Ms Tracey Lee

Miss Tracey Lee is a former Daramalan College teacher so much loved and respected by not just her students but colleagues as well. After 40 years of teaching experience, (1987-1988 and 1998-2014 at Daramalan), she changed her career and wrote three successful books. And guess what? One of her fictional characters is named after another legendary Daramalan teacher!

What is the fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?   

So many memories…working with the Year 11 and 12 Pastoral Care team, seeing students grow from Year 7 to 12, the Year 12 Graduation Dinners, Mental Health Ambassadors program, Brother James Maher’s school song and the moment in assemblies when students shouted the last line.

How did Daramalan College influence your life? 

I truly believed in the MSC ethos of heart spirituality. It helped me learn that most things done with love and kindness will end well. And that every individual has the opportunity to thrive in an environment that truly cares for them.

We know that you wrote and published three books, please tell us more. 

The three books are part of The Lily O’Hara Mystery Series. The books are called What Remains, Wither and the latest is Welter. Lily has had a complicated past and once she overcomes the secrets of her own family’s troubles, she and her ex-detective friend (Mick Flynn) help other people come to terms with their mysteries. And yes, I did borrow the Daramalan legend Mick Flynn’s name for my character.

How did you start writing?  

I’ve always been a ‘secret’ writer. I love to tell stories. But I really started working on longer pieces and novels after I joined a group of creative friends in Hobart who met weekly to discuss writing. We were called The Aphorism Club. These people encouraged me to keep at it. I then did a Masters in Creative Writing and that helped me believe I was capable of writing novels.

Are you planning to write another book?  

Yes. My plan is to write 20! I’ve completed three in the Lily O’Hara Mystery series and have a possible two more featuring my main character. This year I’m writing a novel about a young woman writer who joins a rather bohemian group of artists in the 1920s. She faces some steep obstacles to find her place in the world. I also have a plan rattling around in my head to write a short series of YA novels.

What are you most proud of in your life?    

I’m very proud of my children. They are wonderful human beings who are making a difference in the world. I’m proud of my writing and teaching career. I had 40 years in the classroom in Tasmania, Western Australia, Canberra and NSW, and I learned as much as I taught. I was able to say at the end of my school life ‘I did okay.’

What is your advice for current and former students? 

It’s the advice I give everyone. Don’t trade your happiness and your goodness for things that won’t matter in the end. And listen, listen quietly and with reflection before you speak. Words really matter. Use them wisely and kindly.    

What is your idea of perfect happiness?    

Happiness comes from contentment and knowing that you have done all you could. But it’s also a day at the beach with a good book, plenty of shade and diving through cool, clear waves.

Which talent would you most like to have?    

I’ve aways wanted to sing. I mean I can sing but no-one on the planet wants to hear it! I mean sing tunefully

Who is your hero of fiction or writer?   

My fictional hero is Jane Eyre. She is a survivor who does not compromise her values. Writer hero? Anyone courageous enough to put pen to paper.


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2017 Daramalan College Alumna Alexia Karrys-Stahl is continuing her impressive sporting career. Recently, she signed up with the A-League Soccer team, the Mariners from Bankstown City. What a fantastic year for women’s Soccer!

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Jessica Heaton (2002)

Food Technology and Hospitality Teacher

Ms. Heaton is not only a favourite teacher of many students, current and past, but also a Food Scientist. She started her Food Technology and Hospitality Teacher position at Daramalan College in 2009 after completing her internship here as well.

What is the fondest memory of your time in Daramalan?     

My fondest memory of Daramalan as both a student and as a teacher is of the whole school events, such as the whole school masses and the Charity Walk (which used to be called the Kilothon). The sense of community these events bring is really great and definitely something I like to relive now as a teacher.

Who was your favourite teacher?

Mr Frank Djusic was my favourite teacher. He taught me Food Science (as it was called back then) and was instrumental in employing me at Daramalan. Once he found out I was studying to be a Food Technology Teacher, he went so far as to contact my Mum to track me down as he thought I would be a good fit in his department…

How did Daramalan College influence your life?

Daramalan has influenced my life in many ways. I have spent approximately half of my life here. I have very good friends that I made when I was at Daramalan as a student and we are still very close to this day.     

What are you most proud of in your life?      

I am most proud of the family I have created with my Husband and two beautiful children 😊

What is your advice for current and former students? 

Always embrace every opportunity that comes your way. You never know where it may take you.


What is your favourite cuisine?    

Italian – I love Italy, and I love the cuisine: pizza, pasta with fresh and simple ingredients.   

Which superpower would you most like to have?   

I would like to have the ability to be invisible 😊

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Andrew Digan 

Religious Education Teacher 

For many generations of students, imagining Daramalan College without Mr Digan (1986) is impossible. Probably not many of you know, however, that Mr Digan has two Bachelor Degrees in both Administration and Education, tried himself as a Soccer Coach, Primary School Teacher, worked at the Department of Immigration, Australia Post and even a Mexican Restaurant before returning to Daramalan College as an RE Teacher in 2008.  

What is the fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?       

Playing marbles, basketball and touch footy at lunch times.  

Who was your favourite teacher?  

Ms Hatfield in Year 11, Mr McGergan in 5th grade. 

Are you staying connected to the Daramalan community outside of your classes?    

I still catch up with former students. I have six close friends from school, and we all catch up when we can. I find as soon as you say I am an ex-Dara student, a whole conversation can change or open up doors.  

What are you most proud of in your life?   

My wife and son. I met my wife Sarah here, and Eddie, even at 6, tells me he’s coming to Dara. 

What is your advice for current and former students?   

Get into adventures, and be kind to people.  


What is your idea of perfect happiness?      

The chance to travel overseas every holiday. After I have done all the marking of course.  

Which talent would you most like to have?      

Speaking German so I can understand what Sarah and Eddie are saying.  

Who is your favourite fiction/movie character?      

Han Solo, Star Wars and the young Obi One Kenobi, Star Wars Clone Wars. 

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Will Unwin (2013) 

Science and Chemistry Teacher 

Mr Unwin started at Daramalan Semester 2 of 2019, straight out of university and is currently teaching Year 7 and Year 10 Science and Year 11 Chemistry. Find out what is Mr Unwin’s wishful talent and what is his “catchphrase” below. 

How did Daramalan College influence your life?  

The emphasis on pastoral care while I was a student taught me to look beyond the person standing in front of you and see them for everything that they are. The yearly themes of respect, faith, justice, hospitality, compassion and forgiveness the school promotes resonate with me as good guides for how to live life and treat others. I stay connected with a close group of friends from my time at Daramalan. I catch up with them when they are in town and see them on weekends from time to time. 

What is your advice for current and former students? 

I would encourage all former students to reflect on the values that the school tries to instil into the students of respect, faith, justice, compassion, hospitality and forgiveness, and ways that they can show these to people and their environment. Current students, I would say to not take for granted the opportunities that are presented to you on a regular basis; get involved in school activities and find something you are passionate about! 

Which talent would you most like to have? 

I would love to have a good singing voice! When I’m in a good mood or make reference to a song while teaching, sometimes I’ll sing a bit of the song. The students say my voice is good, but I know they’re just being nice! 

Do you have something you are known for by the students? 

I have a ‘catchphrase’ I often say in class when referring to something exciting in science. I’ll say, “And I think that’s pretty cool!” and tell the students how exciting science is! I even have a collection of stamps with my saying on them that I’ll give to the students when they do good work in class. Often they’ll compare and build up a collection of the stamps throughout the year… and I think, that’s pretty cool! 

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Kavita Jogia (2014) 

HASS and Psychology Teacher 

Ms Jogia is a new addition to the Daramalan College teaching team. Between her Daramalan years, she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and International Relations at ANU, followed by a Masters of Secondary Teaching with specialisations in HASS and Languages at UC. Ms Jogia is currently a Psychology and HASS Teacher at Daramalan College and has a Year 7 pastoral group.  

Who was your favourite teacher?  

I have an incredibly long list of favourites! My College Teachers were particularly influential and inspirational; they include Toni Heferen (Psychology), Carlie Dwyer (Sociology), Amy Thomas (Religion) and Lindsay Reid (Legal Studies). I also had some amazing High School Teachers who made moving to Daramalan smoother: they include Jo Ward (English and House Coordinator), Jo Howard (PCA), and Bobbi Dawson (French).  

Are you staying connected to the Daramalan community outside of your classes? 

I consider some of the people I met at Daramalan to be my best friends. In fact, three of us are about to be bridesmaids for our fourth friend’s wedding! 

What is your advice for current and former students?   

Don’t feel pressured to know what you want to do straight out of school, there will be plenty of opportunities to try different jobs and pursue passions outside of school, and it might take a few different tries until you find the one that fits. While you are at school, make the most of every learning moment and soak it all up, including all the extra-curricular opportunities that interest you as you might meet some amazing people through these clubs and sports. 

Which talent would you most like to have?      

To speak all the languages in the world! 

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Amy Thomas, nee Smith (2005)

RE and Sociology Teacher 

Ms Thomas started at Daramalan in 2011 teaching RE and took over the RE Coordinator (REC) role in 2021. Over the years, she has also taught English, Media and Sociology and is currently teaching Senior RE and Sociology classes. Discover more about Ms Thomas below: 

Who was your favourite Teacher?  

I definitely can’t settle on just one! I have great memories of so many Teachers, but Mr Mick Flynn, Mrs Tracey Lee, Ms Veronica Poole, Mr Gavin Page and Sister Mary Hamilton were some stand outs and a big reason why I wanted to return to Daramalan to teach. Sister Mary did, in fact, tell me to come back and replace her as REC, so it was pretty special when I moved into that role.  

What is the fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?       

My involvement with the Daramalan Theatre Company and working alongside Lucy Cronan and Annette Brady on productions like 13!, The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland have been some of my most favourite times. From weekend rehearsals to intensives, camp and production week, working with such an awesome bunch of staff and students and seeing it all come to fruition has always been really special. In the classroom, however, my Year 12 Sociology class of 2021 will forever be hard to beat. 

What are you most proud of in your life?  

It’s so cliché, but definitely my family. Our three girls were born pretty close together, and it’s been a big few years juggling home life and work and even running a couple of businesses on the side. Hopefully, I’ll say the same when they’re all teenagers, hahaha. 

If you weren’t a Teacher, what would you be doing? 

Definitely something creative with no marking! Haha, I’d be very happy doing graphic design, photography or interior design for display homes, immersing myself in tiles, carpet, paint swatches, furniture, decor and more! Ahhhh bliss! 

How do you spend your time away from school? 

Hanging out with my husband and three young girls, keeping them alive and entertained mostly. I love clearing my head with a run, watching movies and bingeing episodes of Seinfeld for the 241st time- not that there’s anything wrong with that… 

What is your secret talent that not many know about?  

I was a pretty good ball kid on the tennis court back in the day. 

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Ben McGee (2003)

Religious Education Teacher, Pastoral Care Advisor and Rugby 1st XV Coach

Try to find a family with a tighter connection to Daramalan College than the McGees! With three generations of past and current students, it is not surprising that Ben McGee (2003) decided to continue his teaching career at Daramalan College when he started his position as an RE Teacher in 2013. Now, Mr McGee is also a Pastoral Care Advisor, Rugby Coach and all-sports aficionado.

What is the fondest memory of your time at Daramalan?     

As a student, having the opportunity to play many sports and represent the school. And as a Teacher, being able to help out students and give them the same educational opportunities I had and the support I received.

Who was your favourite Teacher? 

I couldn’t give you one: Steve Pickett and Mike Brady for PE, Frank Djusic and Ted Tonkin for Food Tech, Mick Pover for Maths, Steve Ellis for History and the Original Legend and my first TA Teacher Dale Seaman. I was lucky to have plenty of good teachers during my time.

Are you staying connected to the Daramalan community outside of your classes?  

I was lucky to be in a very good group of students above and below and had a wonderful time in the years after school. I still am connected to plenty of people I went to school with. I talk to Jazza and Smitty (Brendon Jakobasic and Josh Smith) most weeks, and our kids play together often.

I was lucky enough to move from school to the Gungahlin Eagles, where many of my school friends played Rugby post-school, and a few still do 😊 (Matt Hawke).

What are you most proud of in your life?    

My wife and kids. I married the most beautiful and wonderful woman, and we were blessed with two gorgeous kids, Poppy and Sonny McGee.

What is your advice for current and former students? 

Enjoy the ride, never say no to an adventure and live life however you want to, not how people expect you to.


What is your idea of perfect happiness?  

Happy wife, happy life.

What is your favourite sports team?

Favourite Rugby team is Ireland (Go Mac).

What is your secret talent that not many know about?

I can catch beach worms with my bare hands.

Elisa Sko (Macie) and Andy Oliver (Ransom)

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Elisa Sko (Macie) and Andy Oliver (Ransom) are addressing the current housing problem.

It is great to hear that Daramalan Alumni are involved in finding solutions to important societal issues. 1999 Alumni Elisa Sko (Macie) and Andy Oliver (Ransom) are addressing the current housing problem. Their work is being featured in the AFR newspaper.

Please read more about Elisa and Andrew’s efforts to make a difference in the community.

Photo by Martin Ollman

“The Gift of Story”

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Come and see our great show. Six fairy tales are presented on the stage.
While given a new treatment, they draw inspiration from the original versions of the stories… see Rumplestiltskin, The Ugly Duckling, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Match Girl, The Red Shoes, The Snow Queen with some surprises…see you there 🙂

Dates: 7 October – 14 October

Art & Wine Evening

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On 24 August we held our first (but not last!) Art & Wine Evening at Daramalan College with our talented Teacher Jo Howard, 1991 Alumni herself, and it was great to see many members of the community get together, have fun and create beautiful paintings! We all enjoyed the experience, gorgeously decorated art class and friendly laughter! Photos will tell it all!

Importantly, we would like to say thank you to Simpson Estate for providing such marvellous, delicious wines!

We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and supported our event and helped to raise money for the Daramalan College Scholarship Fund. Your enthusiasm and passion for art and wine encourage us to do it again!

John I Dent Cup Grand Final Champions

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Huge congratulations to Gungahlin Eagles on winning their first in 20 years John I Dent Cup Grand Final!!!
Many Daramalan College graduates played on the team: Isaac Crowe (2018), Tom Ross (2011), Sam Hyland (2017), Connor Rous (2020), Connor Jones (2016), Matt Hawke (2004) and Jack Huckstepp (2013). Even more Daramalan family members were supporting them: Trent Pollard (2012) – President; Matthew McGrory (1993) – Team Manager; Tim Gabel – Asst Manager; Ben McGee (2003) – Trainer/Water; Jack Kelly – Water; Tim Davis (1989) – Assistant Coach; April Carey (2015) – Sports Trainer; Joel Malouf – Physio; Glenn Carey (1988) – Coaching Director; Justin Hyland (1987); Jack Gilligan and Harry Clark – Ball Boys. Apologies if we missed anyone.

Gungahlin Eagles crushed their opponents 33-22! Amazing achievement!

Congratulations to Lloyd Allison-Young (2008)

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Congratulations to Daramalan Alumni Lloyd Allison-Young (2008) for his performance at The Edinburgh Festival in the Legs On The Wall play. Lloyd was nominated for best-supporting Actor in Sydney last year and is proving to be a very versatile performer.

Lloyd Allison-Young graduated from Daramalan College, having a most distinguished history playing Peer Gynt while still in Year 8 and being the inspiration and founding member of the Comedy Club that was to become the Drama Club and now the Daramalan Theatre Company (DTC) Junior Ensemble. Lloyd was engaged as a professional Actor while still at school in Year 10 and appeared in the film “The Black Balloon”, produced by and starring Tony Collette, along with a number of television cameos.
He was later accepted into New York’s Stella Adler School of Acting and later into L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Lloyd performed for several years in Europe before returning to Sydney and becoming a prominent performer in the professional industry there. Lloyd has kept his connection with Daramalan College open. In 2019, he composed the music for Brecht’s “Mother Courage”, performed by the DTC.

Images by Jess Shurte Photography

Stephen Conroy

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The Women’s World Cup is over, but Daramalan College 1980 Alumni, Stephen Conroy, is set to become the new chair of the Australian Professional Leagues, the body that runs the A-Leagues.

We wish him all the luck in this important role.

Image by “Sydney Morning Herald”

Lauren Steinman’s School Visit

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Our recent graduate, Lauren Steinman (2022), who is studying at ADFA to become a Navy Helicopter Pilot, visited Daramalan College with her Fly Navy colleagues to talk to some of our Year 12 students. This visit provided them with unique insights into military life, leadership and service to the nation. The students had the opportunity to test their skills on flight simulators (and crash a few times!) and ask Navy officers about their roles, experiences, challenges and achievements.
As always, our Daramalan College students appreciated a former student returning and sharing their knowledge and advice.

Jessica Crowe (2022)

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Congratulations to Jessica Crowe (2022) on being selected to represent Australia at the Oztag World Cup in Limerick, Ireland. What an impressive achievement.

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